NRA exists for the NRA

Yes, they are a Gun Rights advocacy group…and the largest one, if not the most effective one.

And yes, they are a bureaucracy that exists more for itself than for the members. I’ve run into that part before.

And, it would seem, it is an organization that now exists to enrich the higher level members of that organization. (WSJ article, and currently paywalled, but probably worth reading….). Millions of dollars…monies given by members either through donations or dues, are spent on firms that have ties to, or are owned by, directors, presidents, managers or other parts of the organization. Profits given to the members of the organizations management….in addition to salaries.  Is it unethical? Maybe. Is it illegal? Probably not. Is it right? I dunno.

A snippet: New filings from the National Rifle Association reveal that the gun-rights group directed millions of dollars over several years to people with close ties to the group, including former top officials.
A separate review of the NRA’s vendor relationships found other business arrangements that similarly benefit insiders.

It looks bad though. Especially when it isn’t disclosed. Were those contracts put up for competitive bids? We don’t know.

But cronyism looks pretty bad. Much like nepotism in city politics. I don’t like it….it smells. Especially when they call me weekly and email me even more often, asking for money.

I’m no fan of the NRA. Having said that, they are useful. And they have done some good. But the optics on this are not pretty.

Thanks to Dad for the heads up.

3 thoughts on “NRA exists for the NRA

  1. I've been a life member for many years. I stopped making any contributions several years ago when BOD member Joaquin Jackson advocated banning "assault weapons".
    I still get the American Rifleman magazine, which I read in the throne room. That's the only contact I have with NRA now. All fundraising mail goes into the trash unopened and emails are deleted unread.
    NRA is run by self serving, back stabbing SOBs who sell out our rights at every opportunity.

  2. I strongly encourage donations be made to the SAF, GOA, CRPA, CGF, and FPC instead of the NRA.

    Second Amendment Foundation
    Gun Owners of America
    California Rifle and Pistol Association
    CalGun Foundation
    Firearm Policy Coalition


  3. Cronyism and self-dealing, even when it isn't illegal, is odious.

    (I've been a member for a very long time.)

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