It be Donnies Fault:

Except that, as far as I can see, no one has presented a budget bill for his signature…..

So, at this point, Trump hasn’t done anything to “Shut the Government Down”. He;s merely said he would, and the House and Senate haven’t gotten their shit together and sent him a bill he could sign or veto.

How can it be his fault when the other parties can’t get their shit together to create a budget?

So, exactly whose fault is it?

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  1. On the contrary, dear friend. After a brief history search on the interwebs:

    On December 11th:

    On December 19th:

    On December 20th:

    On December 21st:

    On December 23rd:

    Based on this brief exercise of my keyboard, I see that Congress did 'get their shit together' and pass a continuing resolution for Mr. Trump to sign late Wednesday night (two full days before the shutdown took effect). But he declined to sign it. And from the well publicized videos from December 11th and from early today [according to unidentified aides (can you count them as sources if they don't put their names to it)], Mr. Trump has/is 'owning' this shutdown.

    Measuring the shutdown based upon money spent by the government, it works out to 17% of the government. (source: IF measured by workers idled, based on the 2013 shutdown, it was 40%; which did not count postal service workers or active-duty military (source: The numbers is recall seeing on television were similar.

    I guess it boils down to what you believe. If you take someone at their word, based upon what he said, it's Trump's fault for the shutdown. If you believe in the leadership of the Right, it's Congress' (read Democrats) fault.

    Trying to be reasonable,

  2. "All Spending bills must originate in the House".

    Think where that comes from, and whether it is law.

    AFAIK, no one has presented a (legal) bill for him to sign or veto.

    He has, therefore, not vetoed any spending bill.

    That Pesky Constitution thing that you folks dislike so much.

    This might help you understand:

    Or you could read that Constitution.

  3. You're playing semantics now. You are correct about the Constitution and which house can introduce spending. However, if you read further, it also state the Senate can propose bills to the house.

    Your one sided-ness is showing. I've given you examples of Trump willing to take the heat for the shutdown, stating he would cause a shutdown by not signing off on the Senate proposal, and (allegedly) proud that he shut down the government. You asked "How can it be his fault…" I simply provided examples to you. Your response, as I take it, was a cheap shot at me by inferring that I do not understand nor have read the Constitution. Petty on your part. As always, your blog, you get the last word.


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