I have to wonder

If Amazon realizes the types of folks they have delivering their packages these days…..I mean the non-UPS and non-USPS folks.

‘Cause so far, In the past 2 weeks, I’ve had a really derelict-looking white guy who needed a bath, a shave and a week without drinking MD-20-20 driving a clapped out and rusted out Mazda pickup, a Heroin-thin looking wild eyed (“The CRAZY is STRONG with this one, Luke”) chick driving a minivan with no two body panels the same color, and a very fat black woman in a do-rag who was obviously not comfortable in a predominantly white neighborhood (I scared her when I opened the door, but did offer her a can of soda in apology, which she declined before scurrying off), and an old man in shabby clothing and a Gandolf beard who was barely able to get up the driveway (I have no idea what he was driving, it was dark…I only saw him because the motion lights came on as he approached).

These folks are delivering Amazon packages, but they sure don’t have that professional, clean cut look of the UPS folks….