Gee, whoda thought that might happen?

So lessee here.

You are the CEO of a company that sells outdoor gear. Clothing, fishing, hiking, hunting and other such accessories…….

You decide to SJW yourself into feeling better about selling firearms.

So you do stupid things….actions that make no difference, but look good to your (also SJW) friends at cocktail parties…..

And in doing so, you insult the folks that are the core of your business…

Perhaps you did not realize that the Venn diagrams of hunters, fishermen, target shooters, hikers and other outdoorsmen are mostly overlapping? That these folks are the major buyers of the products you sell?

That you actions are a repudiation of their lifestyle? That you have insulted the majority of your customer base with your shortsighted SJW action?

And you are surprised when they take their (considerable) buying power elsewhere?

Corporate Gun Control Fail: Dick’s May Have to Close 35 Stores Across 18 States

The fact that the stockholders haven’t tossed Edward Stack out on his ear is surprising.

Hope that Social Justice Warrior posturing was worth it….

This is like the CEO of Ford claiming all Ford truck owners are inbred rednecks….and then being surprised that they buy Chevy and Dodge pickups instead….

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  1. To the board; that's what you get for being… Dick's…

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