Finished installing the dishwasher

Had to cobble up an adapter for the water line yesterday, as some brainiac engineer decided that all new dishwashers should use GARDEN HOSE as the water supply inlet, rather than 3/8 or half inch pipe thread, or compression.

Nothing, it seems, uses precision machining anymore. Rough castings, machined to a minimum, then a rubber(neoprene?) gasket to make the seal.

So on the 26th, I cobbled the water supply line together, and today, I did it right…

Led worklights might not be the pinnacle of invention, but they sure as hell are a good one, and should rank right up there on the list of GoodThings.

Headlights and lightsticks….rechargeable. Really nice.

especially this:

Astro pneumatic 450 lumen LED workight.

You don’t yet know that you need one, but you do.

You’ll thank me later. 

2 thoughts on “Finished installing the dishwasher

  1. Sounds like you bought an American designed but Chinese made dishwasher from the 'domestic' side of the factory.

  2. It's a Bosch.

    The American made one are crap if you look at their construction.

    The last Bosch lasted 10 years.

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