One wonders

Exactly how many ballots will “suddenly be found” in Arizona and Florida?

I mean, this is like Chicago in the ’70’s.

Will the citizens allow it?

Will the Feds allow it?

Can the Republicans beat the “Margin of Fraud”? 

3 thoughts on “One wonders

  1. unless republicans are willing to take time off work, and their regular lives, and hit the streets, and courts in protest. no.
    even if they do take it to the streets in the areas of concern, they will be out numbered, out shouted, and out thugged by forces far more experienced than they are.
    it's gonna get ugly here folks.
    time to think real; long and real hard about how willing you are to actually take the next step into G-4 warfare.
    top off the preps and get right with family, friends and your higher power.

  2. Binevenidos al 3rd World, America…

    The children of the people perpetrating this fraud will end up with the country their parents deserved…

  3. How come nobody mentions these "found" ballots are all for the Demo candidates? That in itself is suspicious and indicative of some kind of fraud.

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