The really sad part

about this whole attempt at obfuscation and delay until after the midterm electons deamnd for an FBI investigation is that we are expecting the FBI to do an impartial investigation, without letting politics interfere……which, sadly, we can no longer believe might happen….not since the whole pre election failure of the FBI to do any real investigation on Hillary Clinton, and the post election antics (supported by FBI management) of Peter Strozk and his compatriots and other incidents that have thrown the while Fidelity,Bravery, INTEGRITY, motto of the FBI into doubt.

Neither side will ever believe, at least not in your or my lifetime, that there is any reason to believe that the FBI will be impartial in any evidence gathering about such a politically charged allegation with such powerful consequences.

I have known several FBI agents. Most were not the sharpest knives in the drawer….not steely eyed lawmen, but they were honest, decent, thorough investigators, who ferreted out and reported FACTS.

Sadly, not so anymore. Those agents have retired years ago, and I have no doubt that they were embarrassed by the actions of the current FBI agents (and, apparently, FBI management) in the events before and after the election of 2016. 

Will either side be willing to believe that the investigation onto Kavanaugh and Ford was conducted without an agenda? I can’t honestly say that it will be.

What say you? 

3 thoughts on “The really sad part

  1. Which is worse? Delaying a supreme court nominee's committee hearing? Or not having a hearing for a supreme court nominee?

    I guess it depends on if its your guy or theirs.


  2. D: True. IF this had been done in a straightforward and not underhanded manner, then I would, actually, agree with you. Had this been brought out months before, then you might have a point. But instead, once it became apparent that there was no bar to Kavanaugh being named as a Justice, THEN they brought out this sleazy accusation….There would have been a LOT of time for an investigation earlier, but now it appears that it is, really, just a last ditch attempt at delay until the Midterms, hoping for a change in the makeup of the Senate.

    See, there is honest, there is underhanded, there is cheap and then there is DNC (and, to a lesser, but very real, RNC) tactics.

    Anyone not setting politics over honesty cannot help but feel disgusted by the timing and the accusation, and cannot help but be skeptical of these allegations. They may, for all I know, be true. But the manner in which they were put forth, and the timing, make me lean on them being simply more sleazy politics than truth. Anyone honest with themselves has to believe that as well, if they can get past their political motivation for not wanting Kavanaugh as a Justice.

    Are you honest enough to admit this?

  3. Politics is a dirty game. Bright and shiny on the outside; filthy, grimy, and underhanded on the inside. To claim that the Dems have a monopoly on this type of behavior is disingenuous. It was the GOP that brought it into the open with starting with Gingrich and continuing with McConnell’s “Our goal is to make him a one term president” statement.


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