Big trial in Chicago

Coming to a culmination.

Some cop shot some black teenager who was high on PCP and wandering the streets terrorizing people.

Cop drove up to the scene and in less than a minute, shot the teenager 17 times. Teenager was carrying a knife. I don’t see where the cop had reason to shoot at all, but I wasn’t there. But he was black, so the professional agitators have something to work with….

I’m glad I don’t have to decide this murder charge. Look up LaQuan McDonald.

But the city, both the police AND THE BUSINESSES are girding for protest, riots, and looting. Schools (public and private) have contingency plans for closing as soon as the verdict is announced…. Same same businesses…not just retail, but manufacturing has shutdown plans, or, if they can’t shutdown, have plans for limited operations with their staff staying….Behind secure fences and locked doors. They expect riots or other unrest….They are realists.

It’ll happen no matter what the verdict is. Bet on it.

And it won’t be folks from the north side. Southsiders…Bet on it. One officer I know says that they are praying for heavy rain the day of, and the day after, the verdict is announced.