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Some Suspected Mail Bombs Were Not Capable of Exploding

Pretty inept, whoever the perpetrator was….If they wanted to do more than scare people and make a big HuHu.

I still hope that whoever he or she is, they catch him and incarcerate him for a long time.

ETA: Apparently a suspect in Custody….and (and this is significant!) they used his cell phone to track him down. (For good or for bad, having a cell phone in your name destroys your privacy. Even a burner phone, once you take it home, can be linked to you. If it is co-located while  turned on with your “normal” phone, it becomes linked to you, especially if you drive with both phones powered up.  So don’t do illegal shit , and the authorities won’t have a reason to use your phone to track you)

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  1. The FBI directed stated “These are not hoax devices”. They may not have been bombs, in the sense that they could create a concussive force, make a crater, bring down a building, etc but rather that damage to a person could occur if the devices operated as intended. Now whether the device could work as intended may be in doubt. As I said before, we’re not dealing with an Oppenheimer here.

    I do condemn Trump for creating the atmosphere that we currently operate under. According to the New York Times, there have been 487 times Trump has insulted or made an offensive statement on his Twitter account, many since he has become president. His claim that he is a “uniter” is obviously false, unless you say he is uniting the radical right.

    And now the alleged suspect is a Trump supporter, attended a Trump rally, had his vehicles windows covered with Trump and Republican paraphernalia. He is a registered Republican. His public online persona has been critical of many of the targets he allegedly sent the devices to. Trump is not responsible for this moron’s conduct, but his rhetoric has not helped to decrease the atmosphere of divisiveness.


  2. So are you gonna condemn all of the suggestions of violence from all those Dems? Gonna blame them (including your holy one, Hillary) for the violence they engender?

    Seems that the Dems have also done the whole "lack of civility " thing as well…or more. As to who started it, we can debate. But the Dems are as guilty as the Repubs. Was it the Dems fault that senators were shot at a baseball game last year? How about all the property damage and beatings and other violence done by Antifa?

    Or like usual, are there different standards for your side versus the Conservatives?

    Just be glad that most of us on this side don't condone such tactics. We CAN do what this asshole couldn't…but we choose not to…..Our stuff wouldn't be made in such a haphazard manner, nor would they fail to work. Nor would they be as obvious.
    But most of us don't want to hurt anyone.

    I have to wonder if this guy wasn't led to do this, but given faulty plans. Who might have done that (if it is so), we can only guess.

  3. What-about-ism at its finest, B. Nice.

    I do not condone, nor agree with, the calls by leading democrats to harass White House staff while they are dining. I would rather use the ballot box to send the message that their policies are not what I endorse, and would also hope enough others felt the same as I.

    As far as the Antifa are concerned, if they are living up to their name (anti-fascist; ie Nazis) then I do support their stance. If they are going beyond that, then I cannot give them my support.

    And I certainly cannot recall the president of the United States at the time openly inciting deviseness prior to the Scalise shooting. BTW, only one senator was shot, the other was part of a security detail that engaged the individual.

    And I am soooo glad that all the conservatives that know how to make bombs correctly have the self restraint to do so. With all the super powers you good conservatives have, do you guys take off the capes when you sleep at night?

    The President of the United States has always been a leader of the people of this nation, well that is until this president. Instead of trying to unite the country by decrying the violence and reducing the rhetoric, he instead urges people to vote republican in a time of crisis. That is telling, Dont you think? Obama, Bush 1 & 2, Clinton, Reagan, Carter, Ford, and Nixon have all been presidents since I’ve been able to vote. None of them have used decisive rhetoric while President.

    For you to speculate a scenario that provides a possible excuse for this loser is laughable.

    It’s your blog, you get the final word. But the “both sides do it” argument does not make either side right.


  4. A little late to the blame game. He's a loner, nut case, and ONLY became a Pub in 2017 apparently…

  5. Gettin' a little shrill and defensive there, Dale.

    At the end of the day, "your" side is no better (and no worse) than "mine". The only difference is the standards to which we are held and the criticism that the Media gives.

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