I’ve asked this question

Just not as well, nor as clearly:

Where is the crime?

How long is the Fishing Expedition gonna go on?

Especially without a real crime to investigate and, especially, PROSECUTE. (‘Cause that is what Mueller is, a prosecutor).

Expect the Liberals to cry “Kenneth Starr!!!!”. But there, there was an actual crime that was being investigated. Not so here, just a bunch of innuendo in this case. 

5 thoughts on “I’ve asked this question

  1. https://www.newsweek.com/trump-mueller-costs-clinton-starr-953160

    Neither Bill Clinton nor Hillary was ever prosecuted, after three separate inquiries found insufficient evidence linking them with the criminal conduct of others related to the land deal. If this was the crime you meant it kind of comes full circle.

    Starr Investigation = Origin – Whitewater land deal. Result – Sex with intern

    Mueller Investigation = Origin – Russian Collusion. Result – Sex with Porn stars (TBD).


  2. Dale: "Lying under oath". (which was the crime, not the sex itself).

    And I think that BOTH investigations should have had a clear statement as to what (and who) they were investigating (and prosecuting, should it come to that), and not be a "fishing expedition" at Taxpayers expense….and investigations like this need to have a clear cutoff date if they cannot come up with any evidence of wrongdoing after a reasonable amount of time.

    I though WJC got screwed, and I think Trump is also. IF there is evidence of "Collusion: then let us see it. If not, stop wasting money employing attorneys.

  3. Original focus of Mueller investigation: Russian collusion by Trump campaign. Not Trump specifically. The information that has been made public so far, by Manafort, Jr., Jared, and others, is that there WERE meetings with Russians representing the Russian government. Adoption. Yeah, right.

    The gang that can’t get their story straight has admitted that they were offered dirt on Clinton, and they went ahead with the meeting anyway. No one can possibly make the assertion that a foreign government was NOT meddling in our election. We can argue the effect of the meddling, but you cannot deny there was attempted influence of the US elections of 2016 by a foreign power.

    I would like to see how deep the murky waters are. I understand he’s your guy, but I’d rather see if a way to protect the nation from influential sources can be accomplished.


  4. Is "Dirt" on Hillary "collusion"? We know she broke the law, but the Obama DOJ chose to let it go.
    How is releasing "Dirt" on someone "collusion"?

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