It wasn’t even worth the $29.00 per day….

Back from my trip. ‘Twas an enlightening and educational trip, if not terribly productive…
But, I drove a thousand miles in a Nissan Versa.
Jesus, how can a car company make such a pile of Suck and Fail fit into a compact car?

I mean, I knew I was renting a small car….and I expected it to be somewhat underpowered.

And I got what I paid for in that regard.

The nice parts that I can say about the car is that the doors did open and close and the engine did start every time I turned the key…It did come with 4 tires that rolled.

The locks, however, seemed to choose to lock the doors at random times and under random conditions. We never left the car without having the keys in hand or at least one person staying in the car to make sure we were not locked out.

The seat? There was no place in the adjustment envelope where I could find any comfortable position. I mean, seriously, the ergonomics of the entire car were terrible. I seriously doubt that they could have made it worse if they had tried. My riding mower has better ergonomics, both in the seat and in the controls. Even the front passenger seat was torture after a half hour of sitting.

The acceleration, when the transmission computer chose to shift the gears in a sequential manner  was…adequate. Notice I said “shift in a sequential manner”….this did not appear to happen most of the time…

The suspension and steering seemed to have been designed to allow both understeer at high speeds and oversteer at low speeds….My Kubota tractor handles curves better.

One wonders how they can sell these cars if they allow the buyers to test drive before purchase. 

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