Point of view:

So was talking, along with a few others,  with two gunsmiths today….one professional, one a gifted amateur.

The amateur and I were discussing gun oils and CLP type products.

Most were acceptable to him for the purpose to which most people use ’em. Cleaning and preventing rust, and lubrication.

Then one other person brought up WD-40….

The amateur gunsmith stated that that was the worst product he had ever seen. The pro stated that loved it….Most of us turned and stared at him:

Then he smiled and said fully 20% of his work would go away if folks stopped using WD-40 as a cleaner and lube….”It “gunks” up more guns than even 3-In-One oil.”…..the first thing he does with most malfunctioning firearms ts strip ’em and clean ’em with a solvent bath and a brush…. Fixes about half the issues.

Best to choose a product intended for the use to which it is intended, I guess….

3 thoughts on “Point of view:

  1. After the tragic canoe accident, I was able to save my heirlooms with that gunk.

    It's not what I'd choose for lubrication, but it's hard to beat for displacing water.

  2. And it will just flat screw up ammo, to the point that it won't fire…

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