Not on a watch list:

So can we trust anyone?

Police are SURE that it was terrorism….But so far, no name admitted. And, of course “Terrorism” but no one says “Islamic”.  But the failure to give a name tells the story, doesn’t it?

Are the police in the UK that inept? Or are there that many “Lone wolves”? Or what?

And it is, again, just a matter of time until this sort of thing happens with bigger vehicles (again) with a greater loss of life (again).

So far, it hasn’t happened here. in the US….yet. I think it is because, legal or not, our immigrants HAVE to assimilate (even just a bit) and we don’t make it easy…so only the smart ones get into this country…and smart people don’t waste themselves killing or injuring only a few people….

3 thoughts on “Not on a watch list:

  1. But it HAS happened in the U.S. Remember the Ohio State attack? On 11-28-16, Abdul Razak Ali Artan, a Mormon seminarian outraged by the recent election, drove a car into a group of people, jumped out of the car with a knife in his hand, and was immediately dispatched by the police. (Maybe he wasn't a Mormon seminarian. The FBI decided he was "inspired" by ISIS.)

  2. Indeed, you are correct. also a dude that rented a Home Depot truck a while back.

    I await the day when they get smart, and use a pickup or a farm truck with a bit more horsepower and larger mass in the bed and fabricate a stronger bumper to protect the radiator and such.

    So far, these have been amatuers

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