Interesting that Ms Omarosa Newman chose to reveal the recording she made …..

Just before her book is scheduled to be released.


Think the publicity will drive book sales? 

5 thoughts on “Coincidence….

  1. She’s a former member of the gang that couldn’t think straight. Always chasing after the next dollar.


  2. Probably true, but not any different that the folks in the other administrations. And the Media is giving her a voice because they think it'll hurt Trump.

  3. She'll tell you her book is meant to shame T for the [unverified] use of a racial slur, and anybody else who'll say it.

    I'll suggest the use of that racial slur is more mainstream today BECAUSE of her, her book, and her betrayal against a popular president.

    She had an opportunity many will never have, but now she is irrelevant. For life.

  4. So, Trump said "nigger." Anyone who claims they haven't used that word is a liar.

    Funny; nigger is a racial slur, unless coming out of the mouth of a n-person of color…

  5. Pete, if they like their racially discriminatory speech codes, they can keep racially discriminatory speech codes.

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