And there you have it:

So, I mentioned an issue with the training department at the NRA….
Which was discussed at the monthly meeting at my club last night.

This opened the door to discussion of the NRA and the services they (allegedly) offer. And the discontent in a hundred members who are angry at the NRA.

I was, quite frankly, shocked at the amount of anger and discontent directed at the NRA organization…

There were complaints about failure to follow up with Life insurance (2 incidences…one 2 years old now and still unresolved) and complaints about gun insurance (one member STILL has not gotten any response …not even an email or phone call, despite having put in a claim after a house fire 9 months ago…..and repeated emails, phone calls/voicemails, even a registered letter for his claim on the 25 or so firearms that were destroyed in a house fire)…But, as he pointed out, they have people call him weekly to ask for more money….

At this point, the club is investigating alternatives for insurance and is seriously considering cutting ties with the NRA after a 48+year association with that organization. The only reason we can see for continuing is the discounted insurance … And those of us who have cautioned patience and waiting and not acting rashly…..

It appears from the discussion last night that everyone who has dealt with the NRA has come to the same feeling…that the NRA is openly working only for the NRA, not the members. That it sees the members only as a profit center, and that it’s mission is to squeeze as much money out of that membership,  rather than serve their interests or promote the shooting sports.

There was a lot of talk about GOA and Second Amendment Foundation, and the fact that those organizations have done more in the courts for Gun Rights in the past 10 years than the NRA has done in the past 30….(on the other hand, I pointed out that the NRA has done significantly more in the political arena with our legislators )…Still, the discontent was there, and came to a head

Where does YOUR club get it’s liability and other insurance to operate?
Please, feel free to email me if y’d rather not say so in comments. (TheMiddleoftheright@Gmail)

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  1. Interesting, first I've heard about anybody having problems. Will be interested to know what follows.

  2. Honestly, until I encountered the asshole in the Training Division and began the tale of woe in our monthly meeting, I had not heard of any issues either. But it is a rather large portion of the hundred people there that are angry with the NRA over services and such.

  3. Training division is pretty worthless. My brother went through all the steps to be an official NRA Certified instructor, then got the paperwork and read what was required to maintain that cert and what support NRA offered as an instructor and said forget it. I went through their certified RSO program, and while my local range guys were good the NRA office folks screwed up that paperwork for months.

    My experience with the NRA insurance is it's a f**king joke. Just like most other NRA programs I've dealt with, eager to take your money but zero help if you ever need it.
    Remember, your "free and included" insurance coverage must be registered every year. No matter how many years you have been a member, you must register again or they pay nothing.

    I saw a recent news article where a few of the more senior big name instructors are working together to offer insurance for instructors and maybe ranges. I don't recall the exact details but it was billed as an alternative to the NRA.

  4. We found a good commercial insurance Broker who put together a package of carriers to fully insure our club. One carrier for structures, another for instructor liability and another for directors liability and range liability.

    The NRA coverage did not include a lot of that and cost more to boot.

  5. Phil: Can you provide me with the contact info for the broker via Email? TheMiddleOfTheRight at the G.


  6. The club that I was in (before I moved) was 100% NRA for the insurance, probably the same as all y'all's clubs.

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