And Political Dubble Stadardz

Seems that John Brennan required the Beghazi veterans, those me who fought to save all of the folks that were attacked when the “Rebels” rioted and killed the ambassador….Yeah, those folks…

Yeah, he made ’em all sign Non Disclosure agreements or be fired.

And, oddly enough, was the promoted by Barry the First to Director of the CIA.

First he claimed they had no need to talk about the incident.

Then he denied forcing them to sign the documents.

Odd, that. And now he thinks his continued security clearance is a Right?

Seriously? He claims that losing his security clearance is a violation of his First Amendment rights? What about those folks he silenced (and got promoted for silencing them)? Or are there two standards?

We all know the answer….If he has his security clearance, lots of folks will hire him to “consult”….If not, he is unemployable.