More light makes it better

So, having worked with another couple of range members to replace the lights in the indoor range, but not yet having had a chance to try shooting with the new lighting (the old lighting consisted of 6 500 watt quartz halogen fixtures for 12 lanes,….there were shadows and the fixtures had become…..tired) I chose Monday to spend an hour at the indoor range, as the outdoor range was about 94 F and VERY humid. Plus I had to wait there for the Fed-Ex dude to show up with a package for our in house FFL.

Anyway, I did slow fire at 50 feet.  Had the range all to myself. No distractions.

Wow, The new light fixtures make a great deal of difference. There is about twice the amount of light, and with 13 point sources instead of 6 (one in between each shooting point plus the ends) there are nearly no shadows. At times, with the old lighting, it could be difficult to see even .45 caliber holes in the target…no longer.

Plus, better lighting means better sighting.

 The first two are a string of 9 (each) ….1 in the pipe and 8 in the mag. Pace was about 1 round per second.

The first one is one handed

 the second is a Weaver stance.

This one was 2 mags, at a slightly faster, but not rushed, pace….Weaver.

I’m happy with those targets.

All in all, I like the results the new lighting make on my shooting. Much easier on these older eyes.

I must say though that that was the DIRTIEST WWB ammo I have ever used.
Seldom am I moved to clean my Para 7.45 1911 after only a hundred rounds…But today was one of those days.