Cross Country

a short one.

I had the plane from 10-1.

So, I planned a trip from VPZ to MGC to watch the parachute jumpers, but when I got there, there weren’t any at that time…..So I did a touch and go, and then set course for RCR.

Flew there, with Flight Following from South Bend, and then did a full stop landing and taxied to a parking spot on the grass to check out the restaurant across the street….but, being Sunday, they were packed full of post church folks.

So I taxied back to the ramp and went in to use the bathroom.

At the ramp was a couple of airplanes and one of them was a 337 Skymaster, which have always interested me.

When I came out of the bathroom, the owner of the 337 was waiting to use the plumbing. We started talking and he showed me his aircraft. (He had stopped in and met some friends for lunch at that same restaurant)

I think I want one. Odd airplane, but pretty nice. His was pressurized, and he claimed 220 knots at 20K Feet. (which is pretty fast, but he also said that that makes for high fuel consumption….like 30 GPH). But he did say that at 170 or so at 10K, it is only 20 GPH, so that is doable…

He also said he can carry 6 people, or 4 people and weekend baggage….With full fuel. Which makes that a decent aircraft for my expected needs.

Might be that I will have to get a twin endorsement soon as well.

Overall, it was a good flight. Winds were negligible at 3500 and 4500 respectively, and the traffic was not bad at all. Even SB approach frequency wasn’t too busy. I guess everyone flew yesterday?

as Aaron says….1,7 and 4. 

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  1. Feels good to fly as a fully certified pillot, doesn’t it? Sounds like a good flight.

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