Question for some of you:

All you folks whining about the CBP practice of separating those kids from their parents when said parents are caught illegally entering the country…ETA: (And, per comments  entering at Border Stations and DEMANDING asylum (a valid, if meaningless, point))

All you folks who think that the border jumpers should be given a red carpet and welcomed into the country even without a visa…

And all those that are here already….you think they should have instant (or at least an easy, no consequences) path to citizenship…

So here’s my question:

How many of those mothers with children are you going to welcome into your home?? How many of those folks are you, personally, going to support? Feed, clothe, house, pay their medical bills….How many will be guests in YOUR house?

Are you willing to stand good for their behavior, and the behavior of their children?

Or is that someone else’s job? If so, how much are you willing to pay for someone else to house, and clothe and feed, and take care of those folks? I’m not talking taxes, that isn’t what taxes are supposed to be used for. I’m talking a significant percentage of YOUR income.


Are you willing to reduce your spending to the poverty level? Move to a smaller home? Give up some possessions?

Or are you only just willing to spend someone else’s money?
If you won’t do any of the above, you are a hypocrite. You want someone else to do the work, and pay the bills….So you can feel good and then forget those folks who enter illegally. 

12 thoughts on “Question for some of you:

  1. So explain to me, please, how separating children from their parents help America? Fiscally? Morally? If anything, we, by allowing this policy (not a law and Trump claims) are starting the process of creating generations of future antagonists to America.

    Why is this happening only on our southern border? Do you honestly think this same separation of children from parents would occur on our Canadian border?

    To claim that this because of Obama’s zero tolerance policy (as claimed by some in this administration) is laughable if it wasn’t so depressing and inhumane. We never saw anyone separated from their children during the last administration.

    These actions that are being supported and endorsed by this administration are reprehensible. This president has touted that our employment numbers are at all time highs and yet claims that these immigrants are stealing our jobs. If anything, THAT is hypocritical.

    Your theory that someone must be willing to forfeit their income, lifestyle to support these people seeking asylum is disingenuous, at best. This administration’s policy is indefensible and abhorrent. This president, who resorts to childish name calling of our allies, makes empty promises, praises and ‘admires’ a dictatorial tyrant, can end this with a simple phone call. But instead he is holding the lives of children hostage, having a tantrum like a 2 year old, until he gets funding for his magical wall which will solve all our nation’s problems.

    This is bullshit and I have to believe you know it. You claimed in yesterday’s post how you had a wonderful father that taught you right from wrong. I don’t think any parent would or can condone these actions.


    • Forcefull separation happens every day in every state, when chriminals with children are sent to jail their children do not go with them. Are you are more concerned with a criminal alien invader's children?

  2. My father taught me right from wrong. That included staying off other folks property unless invited on. If you went on other's property, where you were not welcome, that was considered trespassing. Which is illegal. For folks to come from Mexico, et al south of the Rio Grande, without going through the proper channels, that is against the law.
    If you break the law, there are consequences. If you know your kids might be taken away, maybe, just maybe, you would stay home and fix your own country instead of coming here to the US and screw up ours.
    Do I like the policy? No, no I do not. Am I willing to wait and get a better picture of what the truth is than what Nancy Pelosi and company are shrieking about? Yes, Yes I am.
    The right thing for all of those illegal aliens is to go through the channels to come into this county legally. Anything else is on them. I do not owe any law breaker one thin dime, or anything else for that matter.

  3. “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

    The above quote is from the Statue of Liberty. The so-called ‘illegal’ immigration that is being shown are people crossing into the US at border crossings, fleeing oppressive conditions in their home country. These people ARE beginning the process of entering the country legally, as you call it, Suz. They are not scurrying under fences, crossing rivers at night, scaling walls in remote areas of the country. That is called illegal emigration.

    The removal of children from their parents is abhorrent. For someone to advocate the seizure of children in order to change the behavior of the parents is evil in a nutshell. Evil. And those that support others in the commission of these acts are in support of evil. If I recall history correctly, this type of behavior, allowing the government to involuntarily remove people from their families occurred 78 years ago. Let’s not be like those people and turn a blind eye toward the evil that is happening.


  4. so you would house children in adult detention centers? with felons, pedophiles, rapists, human traffickers? see, when you go to jail, they separate people for their own safety. that's why the kids are housed elsewhere. only on our southern border? well that's where they're coming across in great numbers Sherlock….I agree with the post. if YOU want to let them in, YOU pay for it and live with them in your house. give them your job too while you're at it. the people I see yakking about it are the ones that don't work and pay the bills already. its easy to be philanthropic with other peoples money. and no its not greed, its survival. millions of LEGAL and NATURAL BORN AMERICANS depend on the jobs illegals take, or on the benefits they steal.

  5. Ok river rider. Again, trump brags about our ‘incredible’ economy with great job growth, and many jobs created. In the next breath he says all these illegals are taking our jobs. So which is it?

    Are you advocating the seizing and separation of children from their families? I’m not. And yet this administration is allowing just that to happen. Children are being separated under the pretext that “they can have a bath”, then transported from the facility where their parents are held. Is this what you support? It doesn’t have to be this way. Leave the children with their parents. Take the parents through the administrative process. Then whatever the decision, the children go with the parents; wether they get sent back or stay, the CHILDREN REMAIN WITH THE PARENT.

    There is no law that requires the kids be removed from the parents, it is an administrative policy that trump tweeted about back in March. Now he falsely claims it is beyond his control. He’s the President for god’s sake. He issued so many executive orders in these first 17months, what’s one more? He can stop this atrocity with a phone call, instead he’s hold these children’s fate hostage in order to get his agenda passed in The Senate and Congress. That is wrong.

    And for all these ICE and HS offers that are committing this behavior, please, God, give them a conscience. Stand up for the constitution you took an oath to upon being hired. Don’t do the evil being ordered. “I was only following orders” is not an excuse for one’s behavior. There were trials an Nuremberg and in the US (Mai Lai) that showed THAT plea doesn’t have any weight.


  6. DTND, you're good at filling space with words. I'll keep it short and sweet; to all you folks complaining that your kids are being taken from you when you cross the border illegally, the solution is simple; DON'T CROSS THE BORDER ILLEGALLY. DTND, your argument is amputated RIGHT THERE.

  7. Wow,Pete. You have a valid argument. However, AGAIN, these people are NOT crossing illegally. They are arriving at a border crossing, presenting to ICE and HS officials, and beginning the process of entering the US legally. They aren’t tunneling under fences, swimming across the Rio Grande, vaulting over unguarded segments of the border, or scaling over barbed wire fences to get in.

    But that isn’t the point of my opposition.

    Lemme ’splain it to you. Separating children involuntarily from the adults while determining the validity of their entry request is vile, abhorrent, evil, and just plain wrong.

    By doing so, the US is creating the next generation of folks who will be anti-US when they reach an age where they can actually do damage to our country. Creating the reasons for the next gang of terrorists to hate the USA. Just like the folks we created in Iran, Afghanistan, Palestine, and other places.

    Now I ask you, Pete. Is this the America that Trump is making GREAT Again? Are you going to engage in some critical thinking on your own and denounce the events that are occurring? Or just keep following the party line, and build that wall? Cause as I see it, the only thing we are building is resentment and anger, not only in those that we are harming; but in others around the globe that will point to our nation’s behavior and use it as propaganda against us.

    Let me know if I have to repeat my position again for you. I’ll use crayons for you.


  8. What "crime" have they committed? They have asked for entry into the US at a Customs checkpoint for themselves and children. For that, the children are taken away.


  9. DTWND, I'm not "following the party line." I'm going with what I see, and what I'm experiencing. My once-thriving town has become a microcosm of the 3rd World dungheaps the people you're defending came from. Millions of taxpayer dollars have been spent to house, feed, educate, and medicate these people. Meanwhile, the things that the taxpayer dollars are SUPPOSED to be used for are not getting done due to "budget constraints. You're obviously nowhere near the front lines of this issue. If you are, then you're either hopelessly naive, or have skin in the game.

    No, these people aren't "tunneling under fences," etc. They're using a loophole in our laws to achieve the same end; to disappear into the woodwork, never to be seen again, until, hopefully, the next ICE raid.

    The citizens of other countries are too busy telling their own governments how stupid they've been to let in illegals by the thousands to be hating us.

    "Iran, Afghanistan, Palestine, and other places" have been hating since the dawn of time. No amount of licking their pots will ever change that. I invite the "culture enrichers" flooding across our borders illegally to try the same thing in one of those aforementioned countries, and report back to us downrange about how they were treated. …What's that? They wouldn't want to go there? I wonder why…

    You wanted words, you got words. In the end, I reiterate; if these people don't want to be separated from their children, they shouldn't cut in line… For the record; my wife, an naturalized American citizen born in Mexico, who CAME HERE LEGALLY, feels the same as I do about this situation. Also for the record; She'll be the first one to tell you you're being played for a fool.

    Save your crayons. Better yet; donate them to some university "safe space…"

  10. Nice redirect, B. But those words meant something in the late 1800's through the early 1900's. To some, they still do. But apparently to others, meh.


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