Long ago, when I was a kid…

We had real dangerous toys.

Today, the most dangerous toy in the world is a Water Balloon Slingshot.

I find that sad.

I had toys that would burn you, cut you, and, if you did it right, I could make shit that would give you chemical burns and probably blind you available in my chemistry set.

I mean, really? The best you can do is a water balloon slingshot?

We had Jarts, which were heavy, sharp pointed real lawn darts. One had to learn to Stay Out of The Way when they were falling.

I had a lead soldier kit. Yeah, real molten lead and some molds. One learned quickly to Not Spill Molten Lead On Your Skin.

Real Bows and Arrows. With points.

BB guns. Don’t Shoot Your Brother In The Face. (the ass was OK though).

Other toys too, all potentially lethal or damaging.

And we survived.

Water Balloons? Really? 

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