So, Starbucks fell on it’s sword:

Closing it’s company owned stores for “Diversity Training” in an attempt to expiate it’s sin….

Or something.

Instead of standing tall and saying:

“For the protection of our customers, and to make an enjoyable, safe environment in our customer areas, we have restricted the use of our bathrooms and public areas to our customers, not just anyone. The men who were arrested were politely asked to either pay for a drink, therefore becoming customers or to leave. They chose to do neither. When the police were called, they were again offered the chance to either become a customer or to leave. They refused to do either and were, therefore, arrested. This was a setup and we refute all claims of racism. Again, in order to use our facilities; bathrooms chairs, tables, etc, ONE MUST BE A CUSTOMER…no matter what their race.” 

they chose to knuckle under to the SJW folks. they’ve spent millions of dollars and reignited the debacle and the media attention…

If you have Starbucks stock, I’d sell it.