Location, location, location:

6 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms.

Stone construction.

3+ acres.

Modernized in the late 80’s…

$222 Large. Such a deal….

only one issue:

It’s in FLINT Michigan.

I was in Flint about 15 years ago…It was like a WAR zone in spots.

The (ahem) more affluent, non minority suburbs were ok, but Flint proper was terrible. Sometimes only one unburnt (or still standing) house in a 4 block area.

Graffiti abounded. At dusk, the cops suggested that I might not want to stay in the area….I was not safe there…..mostly cause I wasn’t a part of the neighborhood, but also ’cause I was white.

But hey, there is a bargain home just waiting for someone.

3 thoughts on “Location, location, location:

  1. Only if it also came with a 'weapons free' ability and a beaten fire zone around it.

  2. 6 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms?

    Never mind where it is…can you imagine all the baseboards in a house that size that would need to be dusted??

    Nope, not a house I would want.

    PS: Can you guess what one of my Saturday jobs was as a kid?? 🙂

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