At least he is honest:

Although where he’s gonna come up with the money for all those rifles that I lost in the terrible canoe accident  that he will have to buy back from me at my market price, I have no idea.

Rep. Eric Swalwell calls for mandatory buyback of all ‘military-style semiautomatic’ weapons

Hey, at lest he’s honest about his intentions, and smart enough to realize that unless the Feds buy ’em back, they won’t get even a tiny portion of them.

This guy may be too smart for our own good…..

4 thoughts on “At least he is honest:

  1. Sad. So very sad about your canoeing accident. Let that be a lesson to you. Never put all of your ammo in the same case as the firearm when canoeing.

    But then, Indiana is known for Tippecanoe.

  2. anyone know where I can order the parts to convert my ar-15 into a mini ranch-14??
    if it don't look like a military weapon they can't confiscate it right??

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