And here is another

method by which they will soon restrict your ability to purchase firearms:

Banks, credit-card cos. explore tracking gun purchases in possible prelude to restrictions

First firerarms.

Then ammunition

Then accessories.

As it is, you are already on a list. Now they will have a list of what you purchase.

Buy your firearms with CASH when you can…Ammunition especially.

They will soon destroy the online businesses….especially accessories. And you can expect that soon, it will become difficult or impossible to buy ammo online. Bet on it.

We are all watching the flashy gun control demonstrations while they were quietly initiating this sort of back door gun control and restrictions.

I’ve said it before: Buy the guns you like soon. Buy spare guns. And spare parts. Rifles AND pistols.

Ammo:? Buy it when it’s Cheap (now is that time) Stack it DEEP.

‘Cause they are coming for ’em.