The “memorial” doesn’t mention that a THIRD of the Lynchings were of WHITES. 

It simply portrays the terrible injustices that were perpetrated on blacks….

New lynching memorial evokes terror of victims

It also fails to mention that that was then, this is now….And that black people have gotten MORE than their share of freebies in the past 55 years. No one gets away with lynchings anymore.

Isn’t it odd that every other group of people that were considered subhuman for a while in this country’s history has risen above? The Chinese, the Japanese….the Irish, even the Jews…Yet the blacks fail to do so, and remain victims. Even the Hspanics while still being a part of the problem, are greatly successful in the US…..

Yeah, some folks will call me a racist. Don’t care, done wore that label out.
Go look at the 3 maps I posted about  a while back…..

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  1. …It's simple; everyone else, for the most part, has "joined the club," becoming AMERICANS. Of course, "joining the club" means getting a job and giving up the free stuff…

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