So….TheDonald was, again, correct:

Germany must think twice before agreeing to any new maritime missions with NATO, the European Union or the United Nations, according to the parliamentary commissioner for the armed forces, Hans-Peter Bartels.

“The navy will soon run out of operational ships,” the Social Democrat (SPD) politician told the paper.

Deutschland has been skimping on their military for many years, diverting those funds to “Social Programs” and, essentially, hiding behind the skirts of NATO (which means, essentially, the US).

It’s easy to have a socialist paradise when someone else is paying for the defense of your nation, isn’t it?

I keep telling folks this when they tell me all about how European nations hare so much
better, with so many benefits that the US just doesn’t have…..

Now the buzzards are coming home to roost. 

Germany can’t field a complete platoon of tanks, nor a complete squadron of fighters. Now their Navy is suffering the same fate. 

For all intents and purposes, they are defenseless, were it not for the support of the US and a few other countries via NATO.