So the question occurred to me:

Apparently Special Prosecutor Mueller ordered a raid for “evidence” of Michael Cohen’s office…(In case you don’t know, he was the current President’s personal attorney).

Now, Mueller is supposed to be investigating “Russian Collaboration” in the election. (Personally, I have seen more evidence of election interference on the DNC side, but that isn’t what he is “Investigating”) But what appears to be happening is that he is casting a broad net in order to find any crime he can, real or imagines, that anyone even close to the President may have committed…even if that “crime” is giving slightly inconsistent testimony.

So what justification is there for Mr. Cohens’s office to be raids, his files examined by a team of investigators….What, exactly, is Mueller’s team looking for???….I believe that that should be stated.

Or is it as I suspect, simply a digging expedition?

Now, the one really neat thing that results from this is that Soros’s girl, Stefanie Clifford, can’t continue her lawsuit for 90 days because of the Cohen investigation. (She looks pretty hard and nasty, not sweet and dignified, when she is angry at being thwarted, doesn’t she?)….
I still wonder who is paying her bills these days……

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