Gonna teach ’em not to be racist!

So two dudes walk into a Starbucks coffehouse.

Sit down for a while.
They are asked to purchase something, or to leave.

They refuse to do either.

And again, are asked politely.
Refuse, again.

So the cops are called. And then they are asked to leave (again).

They refuse, and are then arrested.

They claim they were waiting for someone.

And that they were arrested because they were black. Somehow, I doubt that.

All they had to do was buy a cup of Starbucks Lousy (and overpriced) coffee…Or wait outside for their friend if they didn’t have the money.

They got stupid. and got arrested. And this is somehow the fault of Starbucks (both corporate and the local owner)….And racist. Because Black.

I see it differently….But I’ve been a business owner. I don’t see Black, I see assholes taking up space in an establishment without paying.

So now, Starbucks is gonna spend an entire day with their coffehouses ALL closed in order to expiate their sins……of asking people that use their establishment to, you know, buy something there. How terrible of them.

Social Media and Justice Warriors are totally screwing up our society. Attitude and judgement without the facts.
And, of course, the CEO of Starbucks just rolled over like a good puppy.

I’m so glad I sold out when I did. This could have been me.

One thought on “Gonna teach ’em not to be racist!

  1. You nailed it. My sentiments as well.

    But then again I don't do Starbucks or any other coffee shops.

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