Dude, so what?

Everyone seems to be making a big deal about the fact that Dicks Sporting Goods is choosing to destroy their remaining inventory of “Assault Style Rifles” instead of you know, seeling them.

WTF folks? What’s the big friggin deal? Yes, Dicks management are doing the whole SJW posturing, and yes, it is kinda stupid, but they have, apparently, determined that their customer demographic is impressed by such actions. It’s their (Dick’s) inventory and their money that they are wasting to (supposedly) impress their customers. They can do what they want with it, just as much as the idiots on YouTube who fire thousands of rounds through an AR or AK until the handguards catch on fire and such.  At the end of the day, it is just metal and plastic. Free country and all that. Maybe Dick’s can charge it off to advertising, if they can convince the IRS…..

Let’s face it…they, by their actions, have lost you and me and others of our ilk as customers long ago…..there is nothing they can do to fix that, and they really can’t piss us off more and make us less likely to purchase from them. So they lose a couple of tens of thousands of dollars. Obviously, they think it is worth it to pander to the folks who buy a bunch of Lycra or MicroFiber products, overpriced boots and (WAY OVERPRICED) Yeti coolers and sippy cups and such.
And really, anyone who shops at Dick’s and pays Dick’s higher-than-market prices for items one can buy on Amazon for 30% less is’t anyone who won’t be greatly impressed by their stunt of destroying those Ebil Blak Ryflez anyway. 

2 thoughts on “Dude, so what?

  1. I'm in MN and I'm enjoying the long term trend of watching a Scheels store open near a Dicks, then a couple years later the Dicks closes up shop and goes away.

  2. Stock was over $50 last year this time. It closed today at $32 and change. If I was a long term shareholder I would be after the BOD's heads. A 36% loss in a year?

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