Scary, if true

“Fix NICS” to be combined with National Carry reciprocity?

Firstly, I think National Carry Reciprocity is a shell game. They’ll use it against us. I am a big believer in States Rights, and don’t buy the arguments for National Reciprocity. If the people of the state of Illinois want to elect folks that pass laws to prevent me from carrying with my Indiana CCL, then that is their right.

Second, one can expect politicians of ANY stripe to use the carrot to keep your attention to hide the stick…the work hides the hook, as it were. There aren’t many politicians who are true advocates for the Second Amendment, and they will do whatever they can to take your rights away….and they’ll sweeten the medicine with national CCL reciprocity. “Fixing” NICS will likely cause many of your fellow citizens to get their rights removed under the color of law. Simply getting proper reporting will solve most of the issues we have seen in our recent past.

I urge you contact your senators and congressmen to have them NOT combine these two bills, and have them voted on separately. One does NOT have to follow the other, and 

2 thoughts on “Scary, if true

  1. B:

    I'd disagree. If the antis want FixNiCS passed, and it has both good and some bad thing sin it, we should get something in return, namely national reciprocity.

    Having read the national reciprocity bill overall its quite good and I'd like my rights to be respected in all 50 states. Just as I can drive through them on my own states license, I should be able to carry in them on my state's carry license.

  2. FixNICS will take a way rights, and they will fuck us hard on Reciprocity….bet on it. Besides, the 10th means something…..Up to the States to decide that.
    Believe me, I carry every day, and I hold out of state licenses in both Utah and Florida….but it isn't the Federal folks choice, it is the States to make.

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