It occurs to me….

That all these folks that want a ban on firearms and more “Gun Control” and other restrictions on our Second Amendment rights should consider this:

If you fear for your children’s safety, and want restrictions on “guns” for that reason, then y’all should also want restrictions on Pakistanis, Somalis, Iraqis, Iranians and Palestinians (and other folks from predominantly muslim areas)….especially men between 16 and 30 of Muslim descent.

After all, your chances of having one of them detonate a bomb or shoot up some public area or otherwise perpetrate an act of terror in a mall or other public place are higher than a white male shooting them in a school…...(do the math, both chances are nearly infinitesimally small)

Why aren’t you asking for the banning of Muslims as well as “Assault Weapons”?

“It’s for the Children”….”If it saves even one life”…

(Note for the stupid: The above was satire, perhaps in bad taste, but satire nonetheless. The statistics are correct, sadly. The odds of either happening are not that different ,however. And no, I don’t want to ban Muslims…Nor have background checks before purchasing one…I do think that we shoud have limits on how many can be in one home though. …Just pointing out some facts and trying to show some stupidity in the hysteria ) If this offends you then grow up and get a life….Or grow a set.