Depends on the method used:

I have no idea how many folks were involved in the “Grassroots” Astroturf protests yesterday for some undefined “Gun Ban/”Gun Control (which is another topic)…..

But, at the end of the day, if we measure the response the way the media counted the Tea Party protests a few years ago (which were truly “Grassroots”), it appears that there were….143.2 protestors. If we measure it the way they counted the “Million Man March” then there were 20, 457, 874.3 attendees. You decide. I’m not sure which method to use.

Was the media coverage planned/did the networks collude?? You betcha. Were the camera views narrow? Yes. Do I believe the numbers the media put forth? No.

Was this theater for the Liberals? YEP. Do I think it swayed anyone not already Anti-Gun? Nope. But it sure stirred up that segment of the people. 

One thought on “Depends on the method used:

  1. My guess based on aerial photos is that the Washington DC march contained 34,000-to-40,000 demonstrators. The mainstream press reported 800,000 or twenty times more people that were there.

    For a frame-of-reference, in 2017 the average NCAA Division I football game had a reported attendance of 42,203 (Ref:

    Of course, the average college cheerleader IS prettier than the average movie star.

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