And now I gotta get a different Credit Card

Seems that Citibank has jumped onto the Social Justice Warrior/Virtue Signalling bandwagon. 

They are restricting some customers who sell firearms and (ghasppp!) High Capacity Magazines! (OMG!)…anyone using them as a bank can’t sell firearms to anyone under 21, even where 18 is legal…and other restrictions.

Fuck em. I can use a different credit card company….and I will. I spent a bot over 10 Large via credit cards last year. Mostly via my CitiCards card. There are, however, other card companies that want my business…..and they, at least, aren’t SJWing against a hobby that is near and dear to me.

They will not gain another nickle from my business. I move a not inconsiderable retirement and investment fund from JPMorganChase last year over SJWing practices, and I can choose who makes money off of my credit card purchases. I figure it’ll cost Citibank about $400 in fees from my purchases alone. 

If you have a Citibank credit card, I urge you to find another card with which to make purchases. Write ’em a letter and tell ;em why you went to another card company.


5 thoughts on “And now I gotta get a different Credit Card

  1. Rather than switch to another credit card, why don't you simply pay cash.

  2. Yep, the ONLY thing that will get their attention is their pocketbook…

  3. Kissmyass:

    Why NOT use a credit card? I pay 'em off at the end of the month, they are conveneient, and they give me rewards like cash back and amazon gift cards for using their card to make purchases…..Where is the downside? I don't have to carry as much cash daily, and I can always use cash if I want to stay anonymous. Plus I have proof of purchase of I need it.

  4. B:

    If you want to use credit cards that much, go right ahead. Paying cash makes it more difficult for companies and the government to track you, and gather information about you. I have credit cards, but I pay cash 90% of the time. As for convenience, so what. If you wish to give up a certain portion of your privacy for convenience, go for it. Proof of purchase, keep your receipts.

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