If all those folks who are screaming about Gun Control (“We must take action!!!”) would take the time to organize and spend half as much energy as they do in ineffective “protests” that really do nothing but boost the egos of the people leading them, and instead would organize to patrol and defend around and near the schools, they could probably actually accomplish something, either by deterring the next miscreant or being in a position to take action if and when. Wouldn’t even need to be armed with firearms, really. A decent truncheon would work..or a Tazer or pepper spray (all of which are illegal in these school zones).

But that would require that they actually think, think ahead and plan, and not just be reactionary….which is where their failing is. Likely, in about 10 days, they’ll find another shiny object meme of the day to watch and froth over.

Plus, of course, it would require them to take action themselves, and not expect someone else to do so, which is (generally) their thought process.