Yep, piss off 5 million customers:

Enterprise, (and National and Alamo…all the same company) and First National Bank of Omaha, Symantec (lifelock and Norton anti virus) and others have decided to “Cut discounts to the gun lobby’s members”. 

Here’s a hint for you folks: We , as NRA members, aren’t the “gun lobby”…. we are individuals who joined to keep our rights and joined an advocacy group that will defend them. We aren’t the “Gun Lobby”…..I’m not the gun lobby. I’m just a guy who like the shooting sports, who hasn’t (and doesn’t want to) hurt anyone, and who just wants to protect my rights from the organized folks who want to take my rights and my firearms away…..I joined the NRA because that is what they do….protect my rights.

And we, as individuals, have a lot of disposable income. (for those that don’t know, guns aren’t cheap, and ammo is expensive….Check out how many folks go to the NRA conventions…and how much money they spend). Folks like me spend a lot more than 20-somethings that can’t pay their bills and live in their parent’s basement.

Next month, I will be travelling. I will rent a car for a week. It (now) won’t be Enterprise or any of their affiliated companies. (the discount isn’t really much, but in principle, I simply won’t do business with them because of this).
Poke a stick in my eye? Not an issue. I will simply do business elsewhere. I moved my entire retirement saving from Chase over their Virtue Signalling stupid donations to SPLC last year, (a Not Insignificant sum) because I would not let those fees charged nor the commissions gained in the handling of my money go to pay the salaries of the CEO who makes such foolish SJW moves.

Same with these companies. I have other places to spend my money.
They have, simply, chosen to reject my business and to alienate me….For good.

‘Cause I have a long memory.

The only way they fix this is to reverse the decision and FIRE those responsible….publicly and loudly….and apologize Until then, I spend my money elsewhere.

ETA: Hertz too. I just cancelled my reservation with them for the rental car next month. 

2 thoughts on “Yep, piss off 5 million customers:

  1. Pocket book justice works. I have a feeling the companies you listed will find an "unexpected" loss in revenue over the next few months. While an apology might help, many will realize it's only a ruse and never return as customers.

    Personally, I wouldn't care if they all went out of business. Being a traitor comes in many flavors, and their efforts to satisfy the robo complaints they receive by joining those that want to subvert the Constitution proves that's what they are.

  2. Yep, a couple of million hits to the pocket book WILL get their attention!

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