It has begun:

Men are no longer willing to meet with women because of #MeToo.

It’s gonna get worse. Men aren’t gonna mentor women, nor teach them. College professors will no longer help women get ahead, nor tutor those with outstanding potential. Training opportunities will be fewer, as men will refuse to train women because of fear of accusations now or 20 years later. Where will the attorneys, doctors, pilots, engineers,chemists, mathematicians, physicists, etc come from? There aren’t nearly enough women teachers in those fields……Men soon won’t teach you or your daughters for fear of accusations.
There will be fewer internships for women, most of whom will have to work with men. Male students will also soon choose not to work with women. Segregation will happen. Read the linked article: even major corporations are suggesting men not ever be alone with women, singly or in groups.

Women will be set back 20 or 30 years because of this. Opportunities for learning and advancement will dry up rapidly. Women will be viewed as dangerous to work with (and be treated as if y’all really CAN’T be let out without a male keeper, ’cause y’all apparently can’t defend yourselves…….) because of this “movement”.

Bet on it. It is happening now, and more will be forthcoming. The damage will soon become nearly irreversible (at least in your lifetime).

Ladies, you need to stop this movement before it does more damage to YOU and your Daughters….and only women can stop it. You women, all of you that are nodding your heads, need to get off the bandwagon of #MeToo, stop thinking with your emotions and start thinking with your brains and wake the hell up and put a stop to this. Yes, I know you are emotionally focused to follow other women. Yes, I know you like to follow trends and fashion. THIS IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN THAT. For the future, yours and your daughters and granddaughters, WAKE UP, shake it off and speak up (loudly!) and put a stop to this….GET YER SISTERS TO DO THE SAME…..If you don’t, you won’t like how the future will look. 

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  1. It's too late, that cart has already been pushed down the hill. We're going to see a return to segregated sexes like before. It'll be voluntary for those who accept the return of gender roles and involuntary for those who enter male spaces and are avoided because of false accusations.

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