Strains the credulity

Watching the bits and pieces of the CNN “town hall” (and the rest of the MSM ) I am amazed that they that anyone would believe that the entire process with the “Students” and some politicians was anything but a scripted bit of theater. One where the questions that were asked, in the order that they were, was anything but a show designed to scare people…and to tug at their heartstrings and to make the politicians look bad.

One might think that in somewhat intelligent people (by that I mean more intelligent than a housecat….or a microwave oven) that it would be obvious enough that this was merely theater, and blatant theater at that…..

But then again, have you seen a commercial for Chevy cars lately? Apparently, theater works for a great number of our fellow citizens.

2020z ETA: Via Kenny we have this, to show how that “Town Hall” could have gone, if we had had someone who was a leader instead of a worm there. Sadly, all we had was Marco.