Today, in 1993, is the day that the (Clinton) Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco, and Firearms (BATF) ATTACKED the compound at Waco, Tx., home of the “Branch Davidians” for supposed “weapons violations” (Later amended to include a meth lab after the fact…that they didn’t have evidence of) …that excuse then became “Child Brides and Molestations” about 10 days into the siege (in order to come up with SOME justification….(Which, oddly, isn’t the purview of the ATF at all, BTW) (I think it was simply because their lifestyle was, to outsiders, strange). This is the anniversary of the start of the Siege at Waco, which led to the final immolation of the compound on April 19 by the FBI.

(Editors note: The discrepancies in the official report are many, and odd, and the actions of the ATF agents and subsequent FBI agents show that they considered these citizens to be subhuman, not worth basic human considerations. I am ashamed that I and my fellow citizens allowed this to happen and failed to exact punishment of  or exact retribution from, those agents responsible)

If ever there was a reason every man (and woman) should own a rifle and have the ability to use it, this is one.

Trust your government?

Not hardly. Not me.
I’ll remember this with the intensity that I remember 9-11,

Is your church approved by the Government?
Are you?
If all else fails, the Feds will burn you out to remove you as an embarrassment. Remember that too.

Never forget, this is a day where the “Government” chose to ignore the rights of the citizens, and, ultimately, killed those who would not comply with the orders of bureaucrats.