Left Anti Trump hatred

(yes, I know it is redundant)

So this woman goes to a woman’s march to protest …..Something.  Because women’s issues. 
Even she isn’t sure what. But it must be the fault of theDonald because….Trump. 
Takes her daughter with her. Because.It.Matters.  (just what it is, and how it matters, she is apparently, unable to articulate)
And then she has car trouble and a man–a self-proclaimed Redneck–takes the time to set an example for his son help her and her daughter get the car back on the road. Because that is what men (on the Right at least) are taught to do. Because Man. 
And she is conflicted….she assumes that he must be a Trump voter (might be right there) and her conflict is OBVIOUSLY the fault of Trump. Dude helps her and she is conflicted (she didn’t turn down his help though, did she???). Man acts like a Man ought to, and she can’t accept it because it is somehow the fault of something or someone on the Right. Because Trump. Because Patriarchy. Because Something. 
I am unsure whether to laugh or to just shake my head. 
The sad part is that this got published. That this woman got enough press that this is on the internet. The website of a major newspaper. 
Found at Joel’s Site
(and yes, I found this a day or two ago, but still gave attribution where is belongs)