I’d like to see this:

Seems that Trumps budget includes a proposed cut (to zero in 2 years) of funding for both PBS and NPR.

Now, I do believe that once these were good uses of Federal money. Once.

Now, both PBS and NPR have become biased, and they run commercials , actual PAID commercials. Which makes them government funded propaganda outlets for the DNC that also get to charge for advertising time just like a commercial station.

PBS and NPR haven’t been evenhanded in their reporting or the commentary they allow in many decades. They took the gloves off during the Clinton (Bubba, not Hillary) days, and then ramped the liberal game up after that, especially during the days of Barry the O.

They don’t even pretend not to be a spokesman for the DNC anymore.

So yes, I support the defunding of both NPR and CBS. Where they were once educational and gave a platform for budding artists and for history and documentaries, they have lost their mission long ago.
If they and their programming are worth saving, then someone will fund them. If not, then they deserve to fade away.