I mean, I may not be 19 anymore, but…..

Someone seems to think that I need some of those Wood Pills,

A lot.
They keep sending me mail offering great discounts.

I’m not sure what the difference between Levitra,Cialis and whatever it is that starts with a “V”.

I’m not sure why they think so, either…..nor am I comfortable having someone think they know all that about my member, even if they are (so far at least) wrong in their assessment…..

So far, my junk still works, so I just send those messages to Spam.

Must be a lot of profit in chinese knockoffs of stiffy pills though. 

One thought on “I mean, I may not be 19 anymore, but…..

  1. I won't need anything starting with the letter "V", as long as thinking about something that starts with the letter "M" works…

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