I disagree:

Micelle Malkin says if Trump’s plan for Dreamers passes that it will end up being the death of the GOP and a “permanent majority” for the Democrats. 

I think she’s wrong.

Trump’s plan works for me. I think it works for a lot of folks.

A wall (first, mind you) then a path for citizenship for all those folks AFTER 10 YEARS of probation. (most won’t behave that long).

Ending Chain Migration is the Key. And, of course, the WALL.

If he fails on the wall and Chain Migration, the Dreamers don’t matter. If he SUCCEEDS in both Chain Migration (and actually GETS A WALL COMPLETED) then, again, the Dreamers don’t matter.

The Wall is the key to his success, and, by association, the GOP’s success. Failure to bring the Wall (not vote for it, not Fund it, but failing to ACTUALLY MAKE.THE.WALL.HAPPEN) will splash back on the GOP like nothing else

2 thoughts on “I disagree:

  1. I really think we need to get eVerify, too. As long as they can work they'll keep coming. Make that impossible by using eVerify and going after those who employ them and we'll be much better off. That is in addition to the wall, of course.

  2. I agree with your disagreement. The wall stops the cycle. It must happen.

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