How many times can they stop?

I mean, I don’t shop at Dicks Sporting Goods anyway. They have very little that I want, and what items they do carry aren’t geared towards my demographic (old/white/male) but rather trendy clothing and stuff that appeals to Millenials.

Their firearms department had, as far as I knew, given up AR-style rifles and high round count magazines years ago, in some Virtue Signalling display after, either the Aurora Colorado shooing or perhaps another one much earlier…..I forget. (ETA: it was the Sandy Hook shooting)

But, either way, they gave up AR-15 style rifles once already. I’ve not been back to a Dicks since. I refuse to patronize places whose management uses tragedy to Virtue Signal.

Yet, oddly, they are giving them up again. How is that? I don’t remember there being a sunset provision of the sales of “Weapons of War” or whatever they called them then. Is profit a motivator that trumps Virtue Signalling? Or did they think that all their customers would forget? Is there a repeal date for this decision? Do they think it will help them get a boost selling Yeti cooler knockoffs and semi casual stylish workout wear and expensive boots and outdoor wear to their millenial customers for a while?

ETA: apparently they are serious this time: “This time it’s permanent“…One wonders why they don’t simply stop selling all firearms?

Expect their stock to fall….unexpectedly. They are all ready having issues. I expect them to fail soon.

One thought on “How many times can they stop?

  1. I was puzzled as well. Have not darkened their doorway since they did away with AR's back in 2013 with Sandy Hook. Not sure what the deal is with them giving them up again. Don't know, don't care. I don't give dollars to those caving to the lefts nonsense. I will sadly give up enterprise rent a cars. They were the only ones I used, in the rare event I needed one. Not the case anymore. I can't stand the politicizing of everything anymore. Why do companies and celebrities keep thinking we value their opinions. Why can't they just sell their goods, or perform for the money we spend? Walmart followed their idiocy. Too bad I can't give them up since I don't shop at the white trash emporium, so I can't give it up.

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