He still can’t stop talking about it.

So a week or so ago, I heard one of the young men who works the front desk at the flight school where I am taking my lessons say that he wanted to fire a pistol someday.

“Not a problem,” I said, “tell me when you are available. I belong to a range, so we can go anytime but Tuesday or Thursday.”  (competition nights)

He took me up on my offer, and brought one of the other guys who work at the school who has a few firearms, and we did a range night with pistols.

Safety briefing, rules, and then to the shooting.

Strung targets at 21 feet and then we were off.

Started off with a 1911-22 and a Buckmark, then to a Sig 250 in 9mm, then a couple of 1911’s. He liked the .22’s, not so much the Sig 250, and really liked the 1911 in ,45 ACP.

Yeah, that smile.You know the one I am talking about, if you’ve ever taken a newbie to a range.

He’s still talking about it. Wants to know when we can go again.

Anti-Gunners can’t compete with that….