Thinking out loud here:

Now, up front, I gotta say that I know, and have known, a lot of cops who were and/or are good people, decent police officers and good examples of what a cop should be. This is not directed towards them nor those who are like them…..although, they do allow the bad ones to wear the same uniforms, so I can’t tell them apart…….And in most incidents, I have been inclined to give cops the benefit of the doubt when it comes to second guessing their actions….


What would happen, if each time a cop shot an innocent……and got away with it…..I’m not meaning where there is any way to give the cop the benefit of the doubt, but like the last two incidences I posted where a cop shot a man for doing nothing….where the cops were so concerned about their safety that they couldn’t use a reasonable set of tactics to secure the person ….

What if….?

What if people of the family of the person slain by the cops were to exact revenge?….Say my brother is shot in a similar incident…… Say he was the dude on the porch in the last SWATting incident….and say the cop(s) get clean away with it in a hearing because they claim it was a “furtive movement” or  “appeared to reach for the waist” or somesuch….
And then, say, I were to resolve the issue by revenging my brother’s death (Not saying I would, and not suggesting that people should either) …from up close on the street, or from 600 or more yards away. (I have the skills for either method of revenge, and enough ways to probably prevent incarceration, should it come to that….as do many of my acquaintances).
If enough of us started doing that: taking cops who killed innocents from the gene pool entirely or at least out of circulation…………would the cops start thinking twice if they got got put in prison by the courts or if the rest of us started taking them out? (In the olden days, apparently,  one could hire such work out, if one knew the right people….) Would the cops begin spending a few moments deciding to actually do their jobs rather than shoot first so that all cops get to “go home safe” at night? (even though being a cop isn’t in the top 20 of dangerous professions, BTW….and “Going Home Safe” isn’t a part of their job description)You really should read the article at that link. Or would these folks who took the job as a cop because they thought it would be easy and would give them power over their fellow citizens find another profession?

Seriously: how do we ENcourage good behavior and DIScourage the referenced bad behavior…..
Wwhat happened to cops I knew when I was growing up that weren’t so pants pissing afraid of everyone that they just shot people instead of, you know, doing their jobs?? Why aren’t those “GOOD” cops doing something to get these deadly dangerous cops out of their departments?

If cops get to shoot people because they are afraid of them, next time a cop makes an intimidating or threatening movement near me, do I get to shoot him or her preemptively?

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  1. The murdered cops would become martyrs. Their portraits would be posted all over the place and the types of cops who already have itchy trigger fingers would have their fear and murderous instincts reinforced.

    Their weeping families would be trotted in front of tv cameras to push for more useless gun laws.

    I don't see a bunch of alpha males(and wannabes) stopping and backing down in the face of targeted assassinations. If anything, they'll double down and the shoot-first-ask-questions-never mentality will be even more encouraged.

  2. ya know, I thought about this myself. And I think i have a way to get to them. Through their families. No, no violence, or threats of. Shun them. Do not interact with the family of an enforcer who only wants to 'go home safe', to hell with the public they signed up to serve. Do not let your kids play with their kids, do not speak to them, do not do business with them if you have the choice. Tell them "I am sorry, but out of fear of your husband/wife/partner who is part of the Badge Gang, I will have nothing to do with you."

    The sad thing is, I'm not some leftist radical. I'm a ofwg, a veteran, who should be and was pro police. Not law 'Enforcement' as they style themselves today. When I was a kid, I was told to trust cops if I was in trouble. My daughter? I have to tell her don't talk to cops unless you have no choice.

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