So, I’m still waiting:

When will there be charges posted against the Federal Prosecutors in the Bundy Trial? Why are they not currently disbarred? (or in proceedings for such?)

How about those FBI who willfully chose to lie under oath? Why aren’t they charged? Under suspension as well?

Any supervisors of those agents and prosecutors should have all their Emails subpoenaed to determine if they were aware of the malfeasance….and if they were involved. Did they condone or order the behavior? How about their bosses?

We should be working our way up the chain of management to root out this rot….Gut them if we need to. Ultimately, the agencies need cleansing….That this behavior happened at all, for any reason, shows that.

So much for oaths. So much for “Sworn” officers. So much for the “Fidelity”, “Integrity” parts of the FBI motto.
So now we have 2 instances of the FBI lying and subverting investigations. Manufacturing and/or withholding evidence…..failing their oaths.

I have known a fair number of FBI agents. They may have been foolish, uneducated, idiotic, shortsighted and just plain dumb sometimes….But the ones I knew were honest, at least. The New FBI? I cannot say….I do know that whatever they say I will not believe without corroborating evidence.