How did the Illegal Immigrant movement somehow gain such power over the Democratic Party that they are, in effect, saying”Fuck YOU” to the rest of their constituents over illegal immigration?

What hold do these folks have? They can’t vote (yet, anyway, at least not legally)….so why does the DNC pander to their wishes? It is, really a significant part of why Trump got to the position he did. He was the only one who called it on Illegals.

So why does the DNC-type folks cling to this as their cause? Why do they say “fuck you” to to their rest of their constituents?

Inquiring minds and all that….

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  1. Immigrants from Latin America assimilate and stop thinking of themselves as Mexican or Columbian or whatever. They think of themselves as "Americans" (as in USA) as they integrate into the economy.

    They are not stupid. The longer they are here the fewer of them that vote Democratic. They look at their pay stubs and look at the abuses. The only way that the Democratic party can come out ahead is to have an ever-accelerating flow of new immigrants to counter-balance the productive citizens.

    Nothing can increase without bounds forever. Everybody knows that. But the Dems are handcuffed to this run away train and they did it voluntarily.

  2. because the illegals will become their new constituents. with the chain immigration that is now SOP, in ten years there will be over 20 MILLION new democrat voters, if they have their way. add that number to the existing welfare system vote slaves, and democrat control will be assured for at least a generation. and that, children, is why we must pass sensible immigration controls(see what I did there?)

  3. Ya know Joe, I think you are wrong. Every hispanic I know (and I know a fair number) all vote Democrat "Because we all vote that way and they represent us" even though it isn't true.

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