Proving how disconnected they are

Seems that the Lincoln Navigator has been named the 2019 Truck of the Year.

Have ya seen the thing?

It ain’t a truck, it is a glorified (if nicely outfittted) SUV/Station Wagon. Lots of nice goodies, but not a truck. An expensive and somewhat capable luxury car that rides poorly.

Shows the difference between the city folks and real folks. Folks who think Style is more important that, you know, function.

2 thoughts on “Proving how disconnected they are

  1. The Navigator is the soccer mom version of the Cadillac Escalade–a status vehicle for people who don't need and usually can't afford them.

  2. I worked on those back in the 90's at a Lincoln/Mercury dealership and hated the damn things.
    Top heavy pieces of yuppie shit with way too many electronic gizmos on 'em and that has gotten exponentially worse since then.

    I'm sorry, to me, a truck is something you can open the doors up on and pressure wash the rubber mats inside without having to worry about shorting out a dozen or so electronic modules.
    Even the 89 Bronco I just picked up is top heavy and has way too much crap on it.
    Power windows, door locks and a bunch of other crap that goes to hell on a regular basis.
    It does still have wing windows though.
    You don't see those anymore either.
    The one modern convenience that I really like is intermittent wipers.
    Of course the Bronco doesn't have 'em……

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