One would think she’d choose better:

So, in preparation for the move, I was helping my brother on Thursday….and as happens to people who use their hands, I took a chunk out of the edge of one finger with a chisel that slipped. Not a big deal, a bit of blood and a curse and all good. Except this was right at a joint, so despite the fact that I clot quickly, it kept breaking open.

Being as it was a new house, no one living there yet, no bandaids, so a bit of paper toweling and some of his finest Scotch 33 tape (only the good stuff , not Jap Wrap) and I’m not bleeding all over his new floor anymore. We finish that job and move to another.

Later that day, I leave to go to a Dentist appointment.

The dental assistant, a nice young lady, asks what is up with my stylish tape on my hand?

I explained how I got the tape, and why.

“My boyfriend would not be able to keep working if that happened to him, he can’t take blood, he’d have to go home” She said. “He’d never just tape it up and keep on working…He’s not very tough”

I (probably wisely) refrained from pointing out that she needed to find a more manly boyfriend, (seeing as how she would soon be probing onside my mouth with sharp objects….) Perhaps one with a set of cojones putting some testosterone in his blood…..

But seriously, WTF? Why do women go with, and stay with, such wimpy men? One would think she’d want someone tough enough to deal with a very minor injury, and manly enough to suck it up and keep working.

Perhaps he’s “sensitive to her needs” or something?

Why would women, seemingly intelligent, want such a wimp? I thought they’d want tough manly men, not pussified ones.
Or is this the new Millennial womanhood? “I am Woman, hear me squeek.”  Mates as weak and soft as they are? Raising children to be as weak as they?

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  1. It is because girls who have standards don't have boyfriends.

    The boys have been raised as little princes. They believe they are entitled. Girls with set limits and/or have standards are considered high maintenance. There are plenty of girls willing to "hook-up" so why bother with a relationship?

    There are two exceptions. One is the lost, little boy who is looking for a mama…like your hygenist's boyfriend. These boys want their girl friends to cut the crust off their sandwiches and serve them meat with no bones.

    The other exception can be found at the voc-tech wing of the local community college. They have dirt under their fingernails and are not politically correct. The smart set labeled these guys as deplorable.

    The situation was created by radical feminist: Womyn are men and men are children.

  2. "Scotch 33+" and paper towel folded, has been THE band aid (TM) of choice here at our place for as far back as I can remember. I've always had at least three rolls of that tape laying around.
    (poor kids)

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