I wonder how long before they regret it?

Seems that there is a movement by Black Americans to help (or at least convince) other black people to move from the US to Somewhere Else because “Reasons”. (The reason given is “In response to the recent rise in racism and the 2016 election, Blaxit has returned. We have built their civilization thanklessly, now it’s time to build our own”)

On the one hand, I would think that the standard of living in Angola could be pretty high if you have any reasonable amount of saving in US dollars…..But I doubt that it is a great place to live, when one looks at the crime stats and such. There may be opportunities for skilled workers in those countries, but there are just as many opportunities of you have skills here in the US.

And, despite what they claim, there are still better protections here in the us than anywhere else.

I hear they are accepting donations too, if that interests you….


One thought on “I wonder how long before they regret it?

  1. They plan on taking a lot of "stuff" with them.

    I am interested in where the $1.2T per year number came from.

    DNA studies show that most American Blacks are approximately 25% European. I wonder how they will handle that.

    I wish them luck but don't think they should be allowed to chain-immigrate back if they don't like where they land…especially after their money runs out.

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